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Highly Strung

Serves-Aces & Lime

Mid-Court Crisis

Hilton Hitters

Return to Sender

Sets on the Beach

Point Break


VTT Draft Night

Vista Team Tennis 2019

Today was the third match of VTT with some entertaining dialogue and fantastic food as usual!  Things are starting to heat up and there is some surprising moves in the rankings after today.  More action to come as Mid-Court Crisis comes off a bye to make things more interesting in our next match.

Ranking Captain Team Name Total W L
1st Theresa I Sets on the Beach 130 2 1
2nd George W. Highly Strung 126 2 1
3rd Ray W. Mid-Court Crisis 93 2 0
4th Lisa L. The Point Breakers 88 2 0
5th Theresa Y. Serve-Aces & Lime 83 1 1
6th Lisa H. Hilton Hitters 116 0 3
7th Vicki A. Return to Sender 101 0 3

Social and potluck afterwards.  Taste some of the best cuisine offered by our members. Yum! 

We invite you to come and participate or just stop by for the social afterwards and meet the members.