Pickleball Pro – Leo Newsom

Leo Newsom

Leo is a Certified Level II IPTPA Instructor who has been a coaching pickleball pro for 3 years. Hosting classes, clinics, private lessons, and events for skill levels ranging from beginners learning the game for the first time to advanced players looking to take their game to the next level.

Coaching has always been a part of Leo’s life, coaching competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, and many other sports, he brings all of these experiences and examples into his lessons. Leo loves being able to help people refine their skills with kind observations and smiles.

Leo and his wife were introduced to pickleball 5 years ago by a neighbor and have been hooked ever since! They travel around playing both in tournaments and social play.

Pickleball is such a community-driven sport, whether you want to play socially with friends or want to test yourself competitively there is ALWAYS something to be learned and a smile on your face.

Leo can’t wait to see you on the courts!!

For more information about lessons, classes, or events please reach out.